New In: Skin Care.

I picked up a few skincare bits recently because my skin doesn’t do too well in the amount of heat that England has been experiencing recently. There are only three items to share but I’m really excited to try them out so thought that I would show them to you guys on the blog. You know, just in … More New In: Skin Care.

My Dad.

“If you’re ever depressed just go for a poo.” – Dad It’s really difficult to talk about my dad without coming across as cheesy. It’s also hard to describe him in words but I’m going to try my best. When you think of the word “dad”, a lot of things spring to mind. Protection. Love. Humour. … More My Dad.

Room of Requirement.

“The Room of Requirement, also known as the come and go room, is a room at Hogwarts that a person can only enter when they have real need of it. When it appears, it is always equipped for the seekers needs” – Pottermore   Sapnin’ geezers? I’ve been saying that I would do a post … More Room of Requirement.

Disposable Devon.

OH HEY. I’m finally back! I’ve been struggling a bit with my mental health so I decided to take some time out and dedicate it to all of that self care shizz. Seeing as I’ve been feeling like absolute turd recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if any of you lot had grown a wizard beard in … More Disposable Devon.