Songs That Have Been Helping Me To Get More Productive.

I’m so into Afrobeats and Grime at the minute. I’m just finding that it puts me in such a good mood and helps me to knuckle down and really get stuff done. Whether it’s at the gym, whilst writing, running everyday errands, driving or just having a good old jig, I recommend that you give … More Songs That Have Been Helping Me To Get More Productive.

New In: Winter Prep.

Alright Geez? I’m a firm believer that Saturdays are the perfect day to get organized for the week ahead because on Sundays you just want to spend the day chillin’ don’t you? I was sorting through a few bits in my room today and realised that I had picked up some pieces that will hopefully be seeing … More New In: Winter Prep.

I’m Sorry.

Facebook: People visiting ‘Henna Writes’ haven’t  heard from you in a while. Me: YES I KNOW MATE. Hello there champs. Before I get back into the swing of blogging, it only felt right that I posted a little life update first. I’ve been distant from my blog for a bit so thought that I’d talk you … More I’m Sorry.