Hello World! Welcome to my new blog.

So, after much deliberation and some gentle nudging from friends and family, I finally have my website up and running. Usually, I would use a typewriter for my work, partly because I like to feel as though I am an extra in a series of Downton Abbey, and partly because I am one of the biggest technophobes known to man. However, I am running out of storage for my towering paperwork so here we are.

Seeing as we don’t know each other very well, I thought you may like to find out a bit about me and this nifty little web page. One of the reasons I didn’t want to attend university was because of my strong hatred for icebreakers so I do sympathise and will do my upmost to ensure that this is as pain free as possible. In addition to this, I will try my best to make this as interesting as I can because the last thing you need to know is what shoe size I am (I’m a six for those of you with the personality of a rusty cheese grater)

Let’s begin. My name is Henna. I scored 72% introvert on the Myers-Briggs test and quite frankly, even I’m surprised that this percentage isn’t any higher. My close friends and family know me well but to everyone else I am somewhat of a mute.

I am a freelance writer and used to believe that Tiger Woods was where they played golf. This was until my brother pointed out that I was a twat. Subsequently, I have made a conscious decision to stay as far away from any golf based discussion as humanly possible.

My voice is quite high and whilst answering the phone at work one day, a lovely Londoner proceeded to ask me if he could “speak to an adult please love?” I am in my twenties.

As well as all that interesting malarkey, I do a little bit of stand-up comedy and I act as well which is nice isn’t it?

Ultimately, Henna Writes is the Wendy house in which all of my little articles will live. Aww, how sweet.

Ok I’m finished. You see, it wasn’t that bad was it? Much like ripping off a band aid, lovely.


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