News just in: You don’t need to cringe at past mistakes.

Firstly, shout out to all the people who were having a great day until they remembered something embarrassing they did when they were twelve.

Now I should state, the purpose of this article if nothing else, is for me to stumble across it in 10 years time (if I haven’t kicked the bucket by then), and gain some sort of reassurance that it is perfectly fine to take a look at your former self and realise that you were, let’s face it, a twat.

Let me explain, yesterday I was scrolling through my own Tumblr. Before I proceed, I would just like to clarify that I am not an egotistical moron and would instead like you to feel sympathy towards me as this is what unemployment has led to.

Anyway, I was filtering through previous posts, admiring what great taste I have, until I came across an emotional rant I went on when I was 18. As I continued to read through strings of sentences about how “true friends stab you in the front”, my self esteem plummeted.

I couldn’t even bring myself to continue reading until the end. Choosing instead to slam my IPad on the table and sink myself back into the couch, staring directly at the ceiling.

After my five minute mourning period, I made myself a green tea and spent the following hour frantically deleting old posts and selfies that made me wish the world would swallow me whole.

I also must explain that this particular example is all part of a long trail of embarrassing bullshit that I wish I could erase off the face of the earth.

However, in a scenario much too similar to this one, my friend sent me the following quote and I would love to share it with you and my future self, if that is ok. Here it is:

Every cringe-worthy memory that makes you collapse on the floor in a bundle of “UEH! What is my life?” Is a line measuring how much you’ve grown as a person.” – Dan Howell

So always remember that.

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