How to work out if you are definitely an adult.

Ok, so I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact that my worries span further than what my mother has put inside my lunchbox.

As a result, I’ve put together a little quiz for those of you who like me, are in that “I’m not little anymore but I’m most definitely not an adult” phase. Strap in people.

Question one.

Why did you cry last?

A) Because your mother is trying to wean you off breastfeeding
B) Because you had to ring NPower and their payment plan is an effing joke
C) Because your brother called you a sponge

Question two.

At moments in your life when you find yourself with money to spare do you…

A) Throw it in the air or writhe around in it like you’re in a YG video
B) Use it to pay off your minimum payment on your credit card
C) Go to the shop to buy skittles

Question three.

When you see a vintage Chanel bag in a store, what goes through your mind?

A) “I don’t know about Chanel but that bouncy ball looks pretty nifty”
B) “Eew that looks older than my Nan’s…(insert whatever you like here. Keep it clean kids)”
C) “Oh how will I survive without its beautiful leathery-ness slung across my shoulder?” Cue 3 weeks of sleepless nights as a result of you having to use the money to have your phone reconnected and imagining it being in the hands of someone who could never nurture, love and raise it as well as you could.

Question four.

When you find yourself with time to spare do you…

A) Wallow in self pity
B) Play with a shoe
C) Watch “In the Night Garden”

I feel these 4 questions are essential for those of you who are not quite sure what day of the week it is due to being in a cloud of “what the hell is my life?”

I hope it doesn’t tip you over the edge.

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