Free Tilly.

I fell in love with Orcas after watching Free Willy as a child. I remember being taken aback by how incredibly gracious and empathetic they were, and are.

I later stumbled across Keiko: The Untold Story, which explores the life of Keiko (the star of Free Willy) whose situation was unfortunately not as uplifting as his character’s in the film. Subsequently, I watched BlackFish. I was speechless. Completely and utterly devastated.

Now I have always been told by my family and friends that I “take on the world’s problems” However, this goes beyond that. It is every member of society’s responsibility to teach a respect for nature. Yet we are failing miserably.

For those of you that don’t know, Blackfish focuses on the captivity of Tilikum, an Orca held at SeaWorld, who has been involved in the death of 3 individuals. There have been many more incidents surrounding other Orcas also.

Let me clear something up, SeaWorld are unethical. They don’t know their arse from their elbow and their priority is always going to be entertainment. Unfortunately for them, that is not why animals exist.

In the wild there have been no human deaths as a result of Orca attacks, yet in captivity, there have been numerous documented attacks and deaths.

It shouldn’t take a documentary to realise how wrong captivity is but it’s a good start so please watch it.

I will warn you that the more you research, the more you will come across articles and headlines consisting of SeaWorld trying to cover their own arses. Headlines such as “85% of Blackfish is lies” and “Why Blackfish is Misleading, Unoriginal and ‘Stupid’” will grace your computer screens.

But the point is this, is it a lie that they keep Orcas and many other species in captivity? No it isn’t. Therefore they need to shove their headlines up their jacksie because captivity in itself is wrong, so their argument is invalid.

They will try and fool you by saying that the Orcas are better off where they are as they would struggle elsewhere. Well how about stop taking large animals and putting them into confined spaces? Maybe then we wouldn’t have to worry about them being released back into the wild and not doing well.

I know that it is difficult in world where injustice is commonplace, but I have always been told that there are good people in the world and if you can’t find one, be one.

I would love it if you could sign this petition, if you haven’t already; to put an end to this bollocks so we can all go back to worrying about what cereal we are going to have in the morning.

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