Apparently “Lol” has two meanings.

When we have had a shit day, hearing that someone else has had a worse one always takes the edge off.

It is the most twisted logic of all time.

Having said that, today was one of those days. I banged my head on the cupboard door and it was all downhill from there.

That was until I went to visit my mum. She had the cheesiest grin on her face because of a text conversation that she had with the other students on the course that she is taking.

I wanted to share it with you because if like me, you are just having one of those days, it could most definitely be worse.

And if it doesn’t make you feel better then I hope it makes you laugh because I have been wetting myself for the last hour.

One of my mother’s friends at university has recently lost her father in law (That’s not the funny part, I’m not that sick.)

As a result of this, they have been showering her with messages of love and support on their WhatsApp group.

It is at this stage that I would like to point out that apparently the term “LOL” has two meanings.

My reason for saying this is because someone sent the following thoughtful yet awkward message to the lovely lady who had suffered a terrible loss:

“Sorry to hear that you lost your father in-law. I hope that everything goes well with the funeral arrangements. Lol”

I know…tell me about it.

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