My brother’s old school report.

You may recall recently I wrote an article about my brother in which I informed you of the time where he booted a man in the arse assuming that the gentleman was a statue.

In the article, I specifically touched upon the type of guy he is and how I have often struggled to capture his true personality on paper. His name is Jamil and the best way to describe him is that he has no boundaries.

For example, whilst out and about recently we saw a fellow shopper wearing head to toe orange clothing to which he said (rather loudly) “Jelly Bean or what?” We also passed a homeless guy asking for money on the same day and he said “who do you think I am? Lord Sugar?”

Having said all of this, he is the sort of person that would do anything for anyone. He just doesn’t have a filter when it comes to saying what he thinks.

Taking all that into consideration, my mother was having a clear out whilst I’ve been visiting my home town and she came across an old school report from when he was 15 years old. She was given the report from his teacher on a day where he was on top form.

It stated as follows:

“Jamil dismissed my instructions about the vacuum cleaner and tried to suck out his eye. I discussed with him my instructions and he argued that it was not his fault. I expressed my concerns that I was worried about his health and could not trust him to act responsibly in the working environment.

Jamil apologised but not without complaining that I was being unduly harsh.”

Jamil, ladies and gentleman (round of applause)

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