Cool things to do.

I work in a thrift shop three days a week in order to fund my compulsive need to buy things (I do want to become a minimalist but it’s proving itself to be harder than I anticipated)

The other four days are dedicated to my writing work for which most of the time, I leave until the last minute (the standard of my work actually turns out better then, okay?)

Anyway, for the majority of my life I manage my own time and am my own boss so I’ve decided to create a list of stuff that I want to do in order to feed my procrastinating tendencies with their fair share of excuses.

1. Make a terrarium.

I did invite my sister to help me build one but the conversation went as follows:

Me: Mate, when you come over do you want to build a terrarium with me?

Sister: No I don’t you sad act. Just buy one from Marks and Spencer’s

Me: No because making it is half the fun.

Sister: Stop being a saddo! I’m not helping you make a garden in a bowl. Alan Titchmarsh’s wife you are.

Me: Oh my god mate, you nasty sod.

For those of you who are unaware, Alan Titchmarsh was the presenter of a show in England called “Ground Force” where he basically used to do up people’s gardens all posh and get overly excited about chrysanthemums.

Also, I am completely aware that I am waffling but I have this vision in my head of me sat in my apartment making terrariums, drinking tea and going to the river bank to paint a picture of the landscape but most people just think I’m a tool bag.

Moving on.

2) Watch TV in the bath.

I am almost certain that it is what iPads were invented for.

3) Read through your old journal entries.

Did I really used to be that irrational? Yes Henna. Yes you did.

4) Rearrange your book shelf.

Preferably in a candle lit room and with your cat curled up asleep next to you with a hot cup of joe (You, not the cat)

5) Pull out your old writing set.

Remember? That one that you bought thinking that it was really cute but never used? Yes that one. Write yourself a letter, seal the envelope and read it in a year from now.

6) Begin writing the book that you want to read.

Self explanatory. And therapeutic might I add.

So there you are. No more complaining that you are bored because I will ask you to whip out your terrarium. That sounds like a euphemism.

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