What a bloomin’ week I’ve had.

Number one.

I sold a pair of Burberry trousers on eBay for 99p as I didn’t realise I had put them up as “Buy it now”

Number two.

Someone came up to me on my way into work that I do not know and told me to “cheer up”. I was feeling completely fine up until that point.

Number three.

I have been out of town for a short while and now that I am back, my cat doesn’t love me anymore. Wtf?

Number four.

I went Filofax shopping (don’t ask) and I turned to my mum and said “my outfit doesn’t make sense.” To which she replied “you don’t make sense never mind your outfit.”

Above all, none of these are enough of a reason to behave as though my life is falling apart which is pissing me off even more. #FirstWorldProblemsAlert

2 thoughts on “What a bloomin’ week I’ve had.

  1. sigh. first world problems are the worst (or at least we in the first world seem to think so). I have just begun a 6 week health challenge involving the deletion of alcohol and junk food from my diet so I feel your pain.


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