Back to school.

School! Yay!  We all bloomin’ love school don’t we kids? Ok sorry, I’ll stop.

I have been nominated by Post Curfew Bewonderments (you should all check out her blog by the way, I was reading it over breakfast and its pretty nifty) to do the “School Tag”. So let’s get down to bizz nizz.

No wait. Actually, before I start I just want to apologise to all of the teachers that had to put up with me during school. I was a pain in the behind and am completely aware that trying to get me to pay attention was like attempting to do topiary with a block of steel, and for that I am somewhat sorry. I am also not proud of how much of a buffoon (Ooh I accidently typed “Baboon” instead then) I was.

Also to anyone young reading this, school is very important because you need to learn how to do stuff and unfortunately living the life of a sloth is not an option. I’ll shut up now.

1. What was your favourite subject in school?

Art. I like the fact that there weren’t any rules. Everyone’s work was beautiful in its own way.

2. What was your least favourite subject in school?

Geography. I got bored of learning about meanders. Also, I think we went on a field trip to two different parks to compare the grass once but I can’t remember if that actually happened or if it was just a dream (What a thrilling life I lead)

3. How many detentions did you get?

Like I said, I am not proud of anything I did when I was younger because I am now the type of person who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, but I had a fair few. I lost count in the end.

4. Were you a class rebel or a teacher’s pet?

I hate the word rebel because I feel like it sounds as though you’re doing something just to be cool. I wasn’t cool. I was geek central. I just behaved like a twat.

5. What was your favourite year at school?

It was when I got to secondary school. So year 10 and 11 because I was home schooled so I didn’t actually have to be there.

6. What was your least favourite year in school?

Eeerm. Year 6? I remember feeling like I was put under too much pressure in order to achieve high grades at that point.

7. Who was you’re first friend in school?

My first new friend that I had made in secondary school was Simone. We still speak frequently now and yesterday we went to a garden centre because we are gangsters.

8. What is your most vivid school memory?

We had a running track near our school which we weren’t allowed to use and it was locked. Everyone used to jump over the gate anyway to have lunch when the weather was hot. A girl at my school climbed over it and the crotch of her trousers ripped, and then my friend Simone was laughing so much that she had a nose bleed. #Legend

9. Who was your favourite teacher in school?

I don’t think that I had one. Sorry to be a bore.

10. Who was your least favourite teacher in school?

My IT teacher. He would come up to me and say “Henna what are you doing?!” and I would reply “Nothing” and then he’d say “Exactly, do some work.” And it really used to do my head in. He also used to bribe us with sweets when the school inspectors came in a bid to get us to behave so in a way, he was probably my favourite teacher as well.

11. Did you ever skip class?


12. Whats the biggest fad you had in school?

POGS! Oh wow, am I really that old?

13. Worst teacher joke ever?

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Europe who?”


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