16 things that are just as annoying as writers block.

1. When your wifi is slower than a drunk tortoise.

2. When you are having an anxiety attack and someone tells you to “Stay calm”. Oh my goodness, Yeah. Why didn’t I think of that?

3. When people look back as they are walking forwards…on the underground. Your bones are going to break, Good Sir.

4. When you try to plug something in, in the dark.

5. When you have spent the whole day painting an “amazing” picture and then someone asks you what year in pre-school you painted it.

6. When someone interrupts you mid sentence.

7. When someone runs for a tube train and their backpack gets stuck between the doors. They come every two minutes, chill Winston.

8. When you are swinging your earphones whilst talking to someone and you accidentally bop yourself on the forehead.

9. When a child in a pram is glaring at you and the parent looks at you expecting a reaction without grasping the fact that you struggle to communicate with adults effectively, never mind kids.

10. When you are trying to get back on your health kick and someone offers you a macaroon.

11.  When you are waiting in traffic and you move over to another lane as it looks like that one is moving faster, and then the one that you were just in starts to move and you are sat waiting in your new lane like a tit.

12. When you are getting your shopping out of the car and you bash your head on the boot.

13. When you are out and you see someone that you know but can’t be arsed to speak to so you carry on walking pretending that you haven’t noticed.

14. When you go for a run and realise that you haven’t remembered to change into your sports bra. Ladies, am I right?

15. When people take ages at the cash machine. Hurry up son.

16. When you have to stand next to someone on the train that has B.O or bad breath. Shake your Tic Tacs.

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