IPhone functions that we wish we could apply to everyday life.

I genuinely get pretty freaked out by technology but a real life “Ignore” function wouldn’t go a miss, namsayin’?

In keeping with me being behind on most things, I only got my first iPhone last year. Given the choice/possibility/resources, these are the functions that I believe would be the most handy.

1. Do not disturb feature.

I would probably break this button in the first week due to over usage. This would be highly suitable for us introverts that just want to walk down the street without having to wrack our brains for questions to ask acquaintances that we can’t talk to without having an anxiety attack as a result of the awkwardness.

2. Mute button.

Perfect for those “Please stop talking I am trying  read this book/watch this film/sleep/get some work done for once in my life” moments.

3. Delete button.

This would mostly be used for erasing memories that make me want to hide under a massive duvet of cringe.

4. Privacy settings.

Protection from nosey buggers i.e. when at family weddings.

5. Just generally the ability to switch it off when I can be arsed anymore appeals to me as well.

Need I say more?

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