Urban Dictionary: True literary genius.

Wagwan? *Cringe*

In an attempt to better understand the “Hip” and “Cool” folk of today, I’ve spent another morning scrolling through the only dictionary that really matters. The Urban Dictionary. Please go forth and enjoy my findings.

1. Phrase: Name Shame

Definition: The point at which it’s too late to ask for someone’s name because you’ve spent so much time around them that you should already know it.

2. Word: Cinderfella

Definition: A man who must be at home by midnight for any one of a variety of reasons or he will face serious consequences.

3. Phrase: Whoopsie Wave

Definition: When you wave to someone you know and another person intercepts your wave mistakenly as if you are waving to them, e.g. caught in the crossfire of your wave.

4. Phrase: Phone Groping

Definition: The moment when you lose your phone and you immediately freak and start groping yourself to find it.

5. Word: Kidult

Definition: A so-called grown-up who doesn’t want to grow up (or at least act like an adult) and would instead prefer so-called “children’s” stuff for entertainment, like cartoons, toys, comic books, Disney movies, etc. He or she also enjoys colourful “kiddie” snacks like breakfast cereal and Spaghetti-O’s and dresses like a teenager or perhaps younger. May or may not be great parents as well as being able to take on adult responsibilities. Not necessarily too immature at least in the public. Not to be confused with geeks or nerds either, of course

6. Phrase: Best friend whore

Definition: That one person who refers to everyone as their best friend when it’s convenient.

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