Tips for travelling with anxiety.

I suffer with terrible anxiety so travelling tends to be a bit of a mission. This week I have been on numerous tedious journeys around the country so thought I would share my top tips. Enjoy.

The outfit

1. The Outfit

In my world, travelling means only two things, messy hair and comfort. I find that having OCD and problems with anxiety requires me to be surrounded by as less faff as possible and the area where you can tackle those issues the most effectively, is in the outfit department.

Typically, I tend to go for a stripy oversized cotton top as I know that I always feel great in stripes and as though I have made some sort of an effort. In fact, any oversized/free flowing cotton top is pure perfection on journeys.

I usually team this with a comfy narrow leg trouser. The ones that I always reach for are my trusty plain black trousers that I picked up for £1 from the pyjama section at Primark and yes, I am being serious.

If you can sit cross legged comfortably whilst undertaking your journey then you are on to a winner.

Shoe wise I would say whack on a pair of trainers and then you are good to go.

2. Pack light

No, you don’t need to take that extravagant bath set that you haven’t used once in the three years that you’ve owned it. As my mum always says “leave your kitchen sink at home”.

It seems like a no brainer but only take what you know you will need. Otherwise you will be dragging bags around that are heavier than your own bodyweight and the aim is to travel with as less stress as possible.


3. Prepare

On the day of your journey, put aside time to in a way, pamper yourself. I always get up a little bit earlier than I am supposed to in order to have a really nice healthy breakfast and a soak in the bath. Take this time to make sure that your skin is nourished and that you feel nice and fresh. You will thank yourself for it later.

If you wear make-up, try not to for your journey. If you really feel the need then I would advise wearing as less as possible.

Before I set off, I also make sure that I have put some new music on to whatever device I’m using and pack a bottle of water/a little something for if I get a bit peckish.

My top 3 recommendations at the moment music wise would probably be:


PanamaThe Avener

Simple ThingsFelt Tip

Travelling with anxiety - organise

4. Organise your shizz

So, you’ve worked out that you’re only taking exactly what you need. Now to organise it all. I find that making everything in my bag easy to locate reduces my stress levels massively.

I have two little pouches that I picked up in the sale from Muji on Oxford Street. In one, I put all of my electronics, earphones, chargers, power bank, SD card, you name it.

In the other, I put the things that would be too much agg to get out of my case every time that I needed them. For example, a little roll on, hair ties, grips/clips, medication, lips balms etc.

5. Enjoy it.

I was reading “Calm” by Michael Acton Smith and stumbled upon a section entitled “Travel”

The first paragraph really had an impact on my outlook towards travelling.

It states “In days gone by, the very idea of travel was a romantic one. Flying was glamorous. Riding a Routemaster bus around London was a leisure activity as well as getting from A to B. Even railway commuting had an air of Brief Encounter possibility.” (2015)

Then it occurred to me, If I changed my outlook on travelling then it would feel like less of a chore and maybe even enjoyable.

Use your journey time to do whatever makes you happy, read a book, practice mindfulness, write, people watch and above all, make the most of it.

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