Proof that Charity Shops and Car Boot sales are the place to go.

Sapnin’ geez? Sorry I haven’t blogged in ages. I seem to have joined the “own a website but hardly actually post shit” squad.

Anyway, I never wanted the “style” aspect of my website to be something that encouraged people to spend. I just prefer it to be my little area of the internet that promotes the idea of aesthetics not being the be all and end all of life.

However, I feel that Charity Shops/Car Boot Sales (recycling innit?) are an amazing way of picking up special finds whilst simultaneously helping the world in which we live, and that can’t be such a bad thing can it?

Here are a few things that I have picked up recently that prove being thrifty is the most stylish way to shop.


Vogue covers

£4.00, Oxfam Bookshop


LongchampLongchamp logo

£12.99, British Heart Foundation (Bargain or what?)



50p, Car Boot Sale



Chanel Book

£3.00, Oxfam Bookshop



£1.50, Car Boot Sale

2 thoughts on “Proof that Charity Shops and Car Boot sales are the place to go.

  1. LOVE THAT LONGCHAMP! This is one classy haul! I love that you refuse to make style about commercialism and “gluttony” because the fashion industry is almost as damaging as the oil or food industry to this planet & its people! Secondhand is totally the way to go – I get everything from charity shops (in Brooklyn they’re called “vintage shops”) but you should see my wardrobe!!! Found you via #SundayBlogShare on Twitter!

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