The “What’s in my bag?” Winter Edition.

After a super busy few months of trying to function like a proper adult (it’s going ok) and having my driving test (I passed!) it feels so great to be back.

Let’s start as we mean to go on with a nice and polite nosey into the depths of my bag.


I am not really one for fancy handbags as for me, a good old canvas bag does just the trick. Besides, when will you ever go wrong with a bag that you can scrunch up and shove in the washing machine?

I picked this one up from the Lush store on Oxford Street and I adore it. It was just under £7 and definitely worth the money. Made from a good robust canvas and also featuring a little pocket for your oyster card, you can join Lush in the fight against animal testing and purchase one here.



I received this Vivienne Westwood purse a few years ago as a present from my sister and it is still going strong. I would never have picked this myself as I tend to reach for anything minimal. However, I love using the things that people have thoughtfully bought for me. Even if it is rank. KIDDING.

There isn’t really anything exciting in there apart from a unicyclist and millions of pounds. I’m lying.


Boring stuff.JPG

Ok, lets get on to the boring stuff. Tissues because it is December and they stop me from channelling Monica in that episode of friends. You know the one.

A little Aloe Vera deodorant. This may seem like the least interesting thing in the world but as far as protecting yourself against the dark forces of B.O go, this one is brilliant. Its from Marks and Spencer’s.

Vaseline because its nifty. Especially during winter.



Picture this. You woke up early. You took your time washing and blow drying your hair. You then straighten your hair. You then get ready to leave the house. You then step out of the house. You are then blown away by gale force winds. You cry. The end.

Now, that short story kids is why I  have a tangle teezer and some hair ties in my bag. Also, there is always that one person who asks “Does anyone have a hair tie?” and then I feel guilty that they will have to live in that dreadful dreadful state, hence why I carry two.

As well as this, I have a little moleskin notebook and a pen because I love a good list.

In a bid to stay organised and neat, I put everything into my little gingham pouch that I picked up in the sale from Muji (pictured below)

Muji Pouch.JPG


I love listening to music and podcasts whilst I am out and about so always carry my earphones along with my phone. I don’t have a fancy phone case but my clear silicone one works just as well.

The reason I have shown you the back of the case is because I always carry a tube ticket from the 27th of March 2015. This was the day when me and my sister went to visit the Savage Beauty exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum. It was a weekend that completely changed our lives as we left the exhibition feeling incredibly inspired.

Also, I carry my keys because as a teenager, I learnt from leaving them at home and having to wait for hours outside until my parents got back from work to let me in the house.


I always like to carry a spare canvas bag because I am dodging the 5p bag charge with my life. This one is from the Chanel exhibition that was on at the Saatchi Gallery a short while back and I absolutely love it.



Last but most definitely not least, my Ray Ban glasses. These were my sisters old sunglasses and I had them reglazed as I adored the frames so much. The case is battered and bruised, bless it.

I need these to drive/read/function properly.

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