10 reasons why cats are better than humans

Look, “Everybody wants to be a cat” wasn’t penned for no reason, you know what I’m sayin’?

Here are 10 reasons why cats make me realise how douchey the human race can be:

1. They don’t feel compelled to look in mirrors as they walk past

2. They don’t give a shit about social media

3. They enjoy their own company

4. They don’t care what they look like

5. They don’t take shit from anyone or anything

6. They can purr

7. They are sassy

8. They judge you based on your character not what you look like

9. They are cushiony

10. They don’t give mixed emotions. Trust me, if a cat thinks you’re a twat, you’ll know about it.


BONUS REASON: They can play the piano…Ok I’ve been watching Aristocats wayyy too much.


4 thoughts on “10 reasons why cats are better than humans

  1. I suddenly felt the urge to rewatch Aristocats… I wonder why 🙂

    Yes.. but… what about that other thing.. what was it again… oh yeah: the CATS ARE FROM THE DEVIL AND WILL INEVITABLY TAKE OVER THE WORLD bit

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