Walkabout: Oxford

How’s it going champs? Long time no speak. Sorry I have been so pooey on the old blog front recently but in the coming weeks, I am hoping to change that drastically.

It feels as though I have spent a considerably large amount of my time on trains in the past few months and not long ago, I went along with my mum to Oxford where she had a meeting.

I am not necessarily the biggest fan of Oxford. Quite often when you live so close to a place, the novelty has a tendency to wear off even in the most beautiful of areas.

However even I have to say, there are definitely worse places to be left to your own devices with nothing but a camera and the clothes on your back.

Out of the many things I saw, my favourite has to be the tiny little vintage shop I stumbled across called “Unicorn”. Tucked away in one of the side streets and run by a fierce little lady named Eva, it is one of the most charming places I have been in a while.

p.s. To see more of what I get up to, you can follow my instagram @hennawrites


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