100 days of happiness: Week 1

Sapnin’ champs?

In a bid to prevent me from being a miserable arse, I have decided to participate in the “100 days of happiness” thingy-ma-jig.

Basically, the premise is that you capture an image everyday of something that made you happy.  I’m going to round up my week of images every Sunday right on this very blog. That way you don’t have to scroll through 100 all in one go. Even I cant deal with that amount of joy.

Day 1

Waking up to weather like this knowing that I have no need to go outside. Bliss.

Day 2

Stumbling across cute independent book shops.

Day 3

Country driving keeping me sane.


Day 4

I bought this gem. T-shirt with a pizza on ennit?

Day 5

Browsing through the garden centre with my sister. What Sundays are made for.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

H x 

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