100 days of happiness: Week 2

I want to apologise firstly for this weeks 100 days of happiness being a bit “sea heavy” but I’ve been down in Somerset for the week so thought I would bring my camera along for the ride.

I’m finding it quite useful to actively seek one thing that has made me happy each day, especially on the days when I feel pooey. You can catch Week 1 here.

Here’s a round up of this weeks images.

Day 6


The beach on a sunny day. That’s how you beat the Monday blues.


Day 7


Back by the sea! I feel like there’s no better place for clearing your head and it is exactly what I’ve needed for a while now.


Day 8


Exploring unfamiliar towns is bliss.


Day 9

Today we climbed Brean Down, a promontory in North Somerset. It was truly amazing and definitely my highlight of the whole day. The first picture is a photograph my mother took of me whilst I was attempting to capture the image on the right.

Day 10


We arrived home today. I honestly cannot explain the joy of returning to my own bed.

Day 11


I am obsessed with Pukka as a brand and love everything they stand for. Today I discovered their “Supreme matcha” green tea and it’s lush.

Day 12


I’ve spent another Sunday having cuddles with this little bundle.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week.

H x

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