100 days of happiness: week 3

When it comes to daily happiness, I am learning that noticing the little things that spark joy are just as important as the big things are.

After an anxiety filled week of feeling on edge and just not myself, I decided to take it quite easy. Here’s a round up of the weeks images.

P.S. You can catch weeks one and two here and here. Enjoy!

Day 13


Starting off a new week with a revitalising bath.


Day 14


First day of decluttering and re-arranging my room. I managed to put up my new shelf. Buzzin’

Day 15


The room is coming along quiet nicely. (excuse the messy pillows)

Day 16


Today has been filled with me sat down and finally getting to put all of my ideas onto paper.

Day 17


Finally managed to get my hands on this book. I am only a few pages in but I shall let you know if it’s any good.

Day 18

Having a day of exploration around my home town.

Day 19


Easter. Need I say more?

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

H x

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