100 Days of Happiness: Week 4

Hi again. So I have definitely shocked myself in regard to me being able to keep up with this “1oo days of happiness” malarkey. Here’s a round up of this past week.

Day 20


Waking up to perfect bank holiday weather.


Day 21

After a long period of not running, I forced myself to get back out there. I managed 4 miles in 52 minutes. I wasn’t particularly pleased with the time but I felt so much better as a result of ploughing through till the end.


 Day 22

The highlight of today was this bath. I definitely felt the consequences of not listening to my body after my run yesterday so this did me the world of good.


Day 23


Today I had to do big people things like go to the DIY store and do my first full food shop on my own since I have been driving. I also ate too much chocolate and fell asleep. However, listening to classics in the car was definitely today’s highlight.

Day 24


I  am succeeding in my bid to stay organised. Yay!

Day 25


Visiting independent little shops is definitely a perfect way to spend your Saturdays.


 Day 26

I have been gushing over these shoes that my sister bought me as a present. I’ve been wanting a pair like these after lusting over the Celine ones. They are made out of the softest leather and feel as though you are walking on clouds. Thanks sis.


I hope you have all had a tolerable week.

H x


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