100 Days of Happiness: Week 8

Ok so I have some explaining to do. I didn’t post a “100 Days of Happiness” last week because I have been super busy (Shit excuse, my bad) However let’s pretend it never happened and carry on as we are (Smooth transition)

Also, I wanted to point out that a few of the highlights of this week have been purchases I have made and that makes me feel like a materialistic douche. I just feel that saying “oh I bought myself so and so” is a bit of a cop out so I want to apologise for that.

Moving on, here’s a round up of this weeks images!

Day 48


Shopping for my essentials.

Day 49

Today I made the most of the sunny weather and headed out to a nature reserve with one of my closest friends. It was the perfect way to de-stress.

Day 50

You see? Graffiti can be pretty.

Day 51

Catching the best part of the day. 6am.

Day 52

I have been really bad with buying stuff this week, but this candle man.

Day 53

The prettiest tree.

Day 54


On Sundays we eat pastries.

I hope you have all had a really lovely week

H x

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