A Little Homeware Haul

Hi loves. I think I briefly mentioned a while back that I was planning on moving house. As a result, I’ve been drawn to the homeware departments of stores even more than usual (If that is humanly possible)

It just so happened that I had managed to pick up all of the items in this haul for less that £10! Which obviously makes me a super happy bunny.

I have also come to realise that this is the first haul I have ever done on my blog. I’ve got to be honest, it’s been a conscious decision up until now to steer away from encouraging my readers to spend.

However, I’d like to think of this post as an example of the fact that you can purchase stylish pieces without having to spend an absolute fortune.

#1 The Fashion Book


£1, Car Boot Sale

I’ve stuck this book in a homeware haul because it will most probably be living on my coffee table. I am a sucker for coffee table books and this one ticks all of the right boxes.

I’ve seen this book around for a really long time now but it was never something that I would pay full price for. However, for a quid I couldn’t resist and thought it would be a great addition to my collection.

#2 Palm Leaf Print Candle

£4, Matalan Home

This print is bloody everywhere at the minute, but I love it. The candle absolutely reeks though so it was definitely a waste of money and I will never light it unless I lose all sense of smell (I’m really selling it to you aren’t I?)

Mind you, the top is dipped in copper which is quite a nice addition and I suppose if I am ever stupid enough to light this stinky thing and finish it off, I could use the pot to put my paint brushes or make-up brushes in.

The scent is “Pineapple and Coconut” so if that is your sort of thing then you’ll probably be fine with it.

Also I do have to mention,  after closer inspection I realised that I could have probably made it myself.

That is kind of the reason why I put it in the haul. It is essentially a glass jar wrapped in printed paper, so if you do like it, definitely try making it yourself first.

#3 Mini Wooden Pallets

£4, Tiger

You’re either going to like this or you’re going to think that it’s fucking mental. These are mini wooden pallets but let me explain first.

Whilst scrolling through Pinterest I stumbled across some that were almost identical to these and were being used as coasters.

They looked really cool I swear! Also when I came across them in Tiger, the completely illogical side of my brain said “When am I ever going to come across mini wooden pallets again in my life?” so I stupidly bought them.

I don’t regret it either mate. I’m using them to stand candles and succulents on. I feel slightly moronic for even trying to sell these to you guys.

#4 Succulents

£4 Each, Tesco

My friend bought me a book called “Me and My Plant” and yes, it is as cute as it sounds. 

On page 28 it states “your new love takes care of you without you even noticing. By cleaning the air of dirt and toxins that you didn’t even know existed, your plant will keep you healthy for life.”

After reading this along with the fact that I adore plants, I decided to add some more to my little succulent family.

I stumbled across these beauties when I popped out to run some errands and just couldn’t leave them.

They come with these lovely white planters as well which makes them even more great value for money.

#5 Le Sac En Papier or The Paper Bag


£7.54, Available here.

I called my sister into my room when I bought this the other day because I was so excited. She walked in and said “I honestly don’t get it. Its a paper bag”

It is beautifully designed though and I feel anyone who appreciates this type of aesthetic will adore it. I am using it to store a load of canvas totes in and it is great to have that teeny bit of extra storage.

Although it’s slightly pricey for what it is, it felt nice to treat myself and it genuinely seems to add a nice vibe to the room (whatever that means)

So there you are folks. I hope that you got a few ideas if you are looking to move or even if you’re just wanting to spruce up your space.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

H x

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