The Summer T-shirt Edit.

Summer fashion and I really struggle to get along but this year I am determined to make more of an effort.

I should probably start by airing my issues. In winter, if you’re feeling chilly, you can wrap yourself in as many cosy things as you want until you are a cocoon of warm joy. However in summer, when you’re baking like a right sod, there are only so many items of clothing you can take off before getting arrested.

Ok I’m being extreme. Long story short, I just don’t like the clothes mate. I find a lot of them too clingy, garish and just all round bleh.

As I’m getting older, shopping is beginning to feel more like a chore than a way to unwind. I think is just because most high streets look the same (In the UK anyway) so it is as though the excitement of shopping has been completely erased, but we’ll save that chat for another day.

Having said all this, the lack of summery clothing in my wardrobe was becoming a problem and I wanted oversized, light, easy and comfy tops to wear whilst I worked, so hence this mini haul.

All the items I picked up are under £15 and I intentionally bought them in waaay bigger sizes than I needed just because I love oversized clothing, especially in summer.

I also want to touch upon the fact that I seem to have fallen in love with t-shirts that have a little something extra on them. Whether that be a slogan, ruffle, or a little drawing.

Who’d have thought that this minimal Cos-obsessed girl would be buying a t-shirt emblazoned with the word “Melons”?

Anyway, lets get to it.


£9.99, Zara

I struggled to find the link to this online but it is everything I love in a t-shirt. Light, oversized, has got a chest pocket and is beaut to wear during the summer months. Another thing that I love about this top is that it’s business at the front, party at the back.


£10.00, Boohoo at Asos, Available here

This t-shirt isn’t exactly timeless but I was super surprised at the quality of the fabric when it arrived. It also falls exactly how I wanted it to on the body. This top is actually from the Boohoo plus range but because I wanted it oversized I still went ahead with the purchase. I ordered the smallest size available and I am glad I did because I only just manage to get away with it. Any bigger and I think it would have completely drowned me.


£3.00, Primark

This t-shirt feels like what I’d imagine it would be like to wear a cloud. It is really light and also doesn’t have a hem on it which I think is quite a nice detail. At £3 I couldn’t really turn it down and again, I bought it in a large size so that I could achieve a slouchy and more relaxed look.


£5.00, Primark

I picked this up whilst shopping in Sheffield with my sister. What I loved about it was the fact that it looked relatively smart compared to the other t-shirts that I had picked up. They also sold this one in white and for £5 I might just have to go back and pick that one up as well.


£14.00, Asos, Available here

You may have seen this one on my Instagram and it is because I pretty much fell in love with it the moment I saw it. As well as the little slogan, it has teeny silver foil dots on it which make a really nice addition.

I have enjoyed wearing this so many different ways so I can’t help but feel that it was money well spent.

4 thoughts on “The Summer T-shirt Edit.

      1. Oh wait, so ASOS isn’t a brand? Oh, I thought it was it’s own brand…like Forever 21 or H&M.


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