The Book I Flick Through When I’m Feeling Uninspired.

“You’ve got to know the rules to break them. That’s what I’m here for, to demolish the rules but to keep the tradition.” – Lee Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty

I have had the idea for this post stored in the back of my mind for what feels like a really long time now but for some reason I felt like today was the right time to put it out there.

I wrote an article in 2014 about how I came to love Lee McQueen and his work which you can read here, but today I want to focus on Savage Beauty and talk about why it is my first port of call when I am feeling uninspired.

More so now than ever, it often feels as though complete originality seems to be dying out. As a result, I find that I want to surround myself with it as much as I possible. I just feel that it is incredibly important to constantly keep ourselves inspired (in whatever way works for you) in order to stay sane and remind ourselves of what life is really all about.

For me, this is where Savage Beauty comes into play. First off, as you would expect from anything showcasing McQueen’s work, aesthetically the book in itself is inspiring. Even just to hold and to run your fingers over the holographic image on the cover.

Once opened, it is hard not to be in anyway affected by the intricate, delicate and impeccably made pieces that are so brilliantly photographed within. This book is proof that just seeing an image is enough to give you the boost of inspiration you need and the fact that it is accompanied by some of McQueen’s quotes, makes it even more special.

After visiting the Savage Beauty exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum, I can honestly say that the photography is a true depiction of what the pieces actually look like. If anything, it felt surreal to see the clothes that I had been admiring for quite some time standing right in front of me looking just as beautifully crafted as they were in the book.

I said this in the piece I wrote after visiting the exhibition, that seeing his work was a life changing moment for me, and maybe that is why I find it so inspiring.

For me, Savage Beauty is more than just a book. Even when it is just sat there on the shelf, it acts as a reminder. A reminder to always stick to my guns if I truly believe in something, a reminder to never feel afraid of being different and a reminder of the day I became inspired again at a time when I felt as though I needed it the most.

If you haven’t had a look at Savage Beauty I definitely recommend you do. Even if you feel as though it isn’t really your thing, there is something to be taken from the fact that Lee McQueen was so unapologetically himself. That in itself is inspiring.

“There is no way back for me now, I am going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible.” – Lee Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty


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