What I Keep On My Bedside Table.

Slowly but surely my new space is beginning to come together so I thought that for today’s post, I’d talk you through the little bits and pieces that sit by my bedside. let’s start as we mean to go on…


I love that time just before you go to sleep when you light a candle, get into bed and unwind. For me, this is my favourite time to settled down with a good book. At the minute, there’s actually two books that are sitting on my beside table. One being Paris Street Style: Shoes by Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset. This was given to me for my birthday last week and I have been enjoying flicking through it when I am not in the mood to read something heavier.

It is full to the brim of interviews with some of today’s top experts, designers and professionals in this field, so if that is your sort of thing, I would definitely recommend having a look.

Another book I am currently reading is Quiet Power by Susan Cain. Very much like Quiet, Susan’s bestselling first book, Quiet Power focuses on the on the strengths and challenges of being introverted.

I first stumbled across and purchased Quiet last year. Which I loved. However, I found that I’m taking to Quiet Power much better. I know to some people this may sound strange but I just absorb information much more effectively if it is broken down and that is exactly what you get with this particular edition.

I really wanted to get the most out of this book because I knew it was something that I would benefit hugely from, so I am so pleased I own this copy as well as Quiet.

Now on to the other stuff. This is where my flowers and light box live when they aren’t being used as blog props. I always think that is lovely to wake up to fresh flowers.

As well as this, I also have a little tray that I picked up whilst thrifting. I think it’s actually supposed to be a soap dish but I really liked that it is made of stone and looks really minimal so I keep it there anyway.

I put whatever jewellery I have been wearing that day in it and also keep my trusty Nivea Soft moisturiser close by. The reason I love this cream so much is because it does exactly what I need it to, perfectly and without any fuss.

Onto candles. Naturally during summer, I opt for fresh scents and the one I’m currently loving is this nectarine and blossom one I picked up in Primark home. I burn through candles like anyone’s business so I’m not too fussed about investing loads of money into them because they don’t usually last me long anyway.

This was a couple of pounds and I bought another candle around the same time that I purchased this one, but the scent is plum blossom and vanilla.

I am all for switching up scents depending on the time of year so will definitely be saving that for a rainy day.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re all having a lovely Friday!

H x

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