A Photo Diary: 03/11/2016

It has been a pretty chilled Thursday for me work wise so I ended up taking a few snaps of what I was up to (pretty much jack shit) throughout the day.

I had a morning of dancing to “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” by Jet which delayed productivity for a considerable amount of time (that has got to be one of the best karaoke songs though, no?)

I haven’t been feeling particularly creative recently so decided that I should probably get back into journaling regularly again, which I managed to do this morning.

I also had time to in fit a trip to my favourite little bookshop and that was definitely a highlight. Something about bookshops makes me feel so calm. When I’m going through a creative drought, I often find comfort in a bookshop or library. I could disappear for hours.

True to form, I left feeling pretty inspired and came home to finally finish some of the articles that I have had in the pipeline for quite some time now. Result.

It’s November already. Can you believe it? I honestly have no idea where this year has gone. Not that I am complaining. For whatever reason, I feel as though I am in my element during Autumn/Winter. I’d love to tell you that it is because it is such a romantic and magical time of year but I think it is mostly because I can get away with oversized jumpers and can watch Elf with out anyone questioning it.

I hope you have all had a lovely week so far. Its Friday tomorrow, woop.

img_7110IMG_7128.JPGIMG_7069.JPGautmnimg_7078IMG_7144.JPGPhoto diary books.jpgPhoto diary.jpgPhoto diary quote.jpgIMG_7158.JPGimg_7114

H x

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