The Soundtrack to My Week.

When it comes to music, I’m not particularly snooty to be honest. I like what I like and am pretty laid back about it. I have a super eclectic taste in music and have never really understood it when people say “Oh, I only really listen to (insert specific genre here)”

Equally, people who judge others for what music they listen to do my bloody swede in. We don’t have no space for that type of thinking here ma friends. If you want to listen to Spice Girls on your way to work, ain’t no one gonna judge.

This week, I have seen more of the M1 than I have my loved ones, meaning that music (and my sister) have been my sole companions. I love driving right? But not to the point where I can’t feel my legs anymore. Which is how I felt after finally arriving back home this week.

On the upside I have been listening to a hell of a lot of awesome music. Some of which, I wanted to share with you in a nifty little post. Sit down at a table because in the words of a meme I saw earlier in the week, “You’re gonna need some mash with these bangers”. I literally don’t know what I’m saying.

Flatline – Wilkinson ft. Wretch 32


“I missed education, I was listening to Lauryn Hill”

For me, Wretch 32 kills it every time. I just find his lyrics amazing. This time, featuring on Wilkinson’s track, he manages to once again prove that he is one of the most intelligent rappers around.

No Lie – Courts

“Things will get better in no time”

My sister recommended this song to me and it has since become my ultimate “dancing around after having a shower” track. If that’s a thing. It’s just such a happy tune man.

Willing and Able – Disclosure ft. Kwabs

“If I’m gonna fall in, I’m gonna throw my all in” 

You know that you’re listening to an absolute banger when you have already reached your destination but proceed to sit in the car for an extra 5 minutes and have a solo dance session. Plus Kwabs is one crazy talented guy. Nuff said.

Drops – FKJ ft. Tom Bailey

“I don’t need nobody, nobody but me”

If first heard this after watching SunbeamsJess on YouTube. She regularly used it in her vlogs and I found myself singing it whilst working. That’s the sign of a good song if anything. It has such a chilled vibe and It just makes me want to throw my hands up and dance in between writing paragraphs.

Pharaohs – SBTRKT ft. Roses Gabor


“All I see is you, stars, open arms”

Ahh this track though. It never gets old and if you haven’t taken the time to listen to SBTRKT before then I shall move on from asking you where you have been and move straight onto telling you to go check them out. This has got me through many a tedious journey this week.

Mary Jane – Smileyface (Jamie xx, Girl Remix)

“Ain’t too much in the world that I wouldn’t do Girl just to get to you”

After  hearing this song on a Stacey Dooley documentary, I haven’t looked back since. I have been listening to this so much this week that it feels completely wrong not to feature it on this post. Jamie xx is kind of known for doing his own thing so I often find his music hard to describe, but if you’re into Electronic/Future Garage music then I would be surprised if you didn’t love his work.

So there you go folks. I hope that 2017 is treating you well so far and if not, music on, world off.

H x

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