A Bath Time Appreciation Post.


As ultimate bath runner extraordinaire, I think it’s about time that I wrote this post. To be honest, I’m surprised that I haven’t written it sooner.

I’m all about those moments that are designed to help you re-charge and re-centre your self. With that in mind, it won’t come as a surprise to the people who know me well that baths are my absolute jam.

Now that I’ve moved, I don’t have them as often as I used to and no way as often as I’d like but for me, they are the ultimate luxury.

As a person who is massively introverted, I cherish moments of stillness. Those times in the day that allow you to catch up when you feel that the world is spinning a bit too fast.

I love stillness and I think that’s why I adore baths so much. It is that one time where I can lock the bathroom door, light some candles and forget. Also, no one bothers you when you’re in the bath do they? If someone calls your name, hearing someone say “Oh, she’s in the bath” makes them go “Ok, no worries” no questions asked. Perfect.



I thought that I would use this post as an opportunity to share some of my current favourite bath products and also give you a little insight into my bath time routine.



Violet Water though (insert love heart eyes emoji). This stuff is just pure loveliness. It was a present from my sister and I haven’t really let it leave my side since.

Violet Water is widely used in rituals for home protection as a way to cleanse yourself and your home of unwanted negative energy. You can simply pour it into the bath or use it as a perfume. I like to use it for both and the particular one I use is by House of Intuition.


This stuff is bloomin’ marvellous. It’s the Chamomile & Lavender Effervescent Bath Soak by Organik Botanik. I mostly love this because it fizzes when you pour a scoop into the bath (mature), but also because it smells gorge.

It’s made with locally sourced ingredients and let’s be honest, the scent of lavender will make even the biggest grumpy pants chill out a little bit.


I am a massive advocate of using face masks in the bath and am completely obsessed with sheet masks. If you haven’t used one before, essentially you get a sachet containing a pre-moistened (so sorry if you hate that word) mask that is in the form of a sheet (obvs).

The particular ones I am using at the minute are the Taiki Deeply Hydrating Masks. These contain witch hazel, rosehip, manuka honey and collagen. You just apply the mask to your face and voila! let the pamper sesh begin.


This is probably my favourite product to wash with. Something about the scent is so indulgent, which is exactly what you want at bath time. It is a shower gel made with vanilla pod infusion , goji berry juice and argan oil. Unfortunately, it is only available around the Christmas period but Lush as a brand have so many good shower gels to offer so pop down to your local store.

The Perfect Way to Unwind


I mostly prefer my time in the bath to be spent doing absolutely nothing, but depending on my mood, I sometimes reach for a book or put on a cheeky podcast.

I am currently in the middle of “Man Repeller” by Leandra Medine which I have already read a couple of times before. For me, this is a book that I have to read regularly because it reminds me to stay true to myself and always stick to my guns.

Podcast wise, The Ricky Gervais Podcasts are my go to. However I am starting to learn some of them word for word so I should probably mix it up a little bit.

To be fair though, recently I have been loving the “Women of the Hour” podcasts hosted by Lena Dunham. Each episode focuses on a particular topic ranging from cats to body image. Lena, I think you might be my spirit animal.


Post Bath


The way that you treat yourself once you get out of the bath is just as important as how you treat yourself whilst you’re having one. You want to maintain that relaxed clear head for as long as possible because it’s not always to easy to attain.

My tips would be:

1) Moisturise. I am currently loving using good old baby oil.

2) Comfy clothes.

3) A herbal tea.

4) Aromatherapy roller balls. (Tisserand are my firm favourite)

5) Stay tech free.

6) Don’t let anyone burst your bubble.

I think this post has been the most enjoyable one to create (for obvious reasons). I hope that you enjoyed reading it and don’t forget to treat yourself to a good bath once in a while. You wont regret it.

H x

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