A Random Little Haul.

Hello there and welcome to my “I’m really skint at the minute so probably shouldn’t be spending but screw it I’ve got January Blues” haul.

SIDE NOTE: Material things don’t and will never bring you happiness that is worth clinging on to but I just felt sad. Not good enough I know but please forgive me for my slip up. Everybody makes mistakes don’t they? its human nature ennit mate. Bloody hell that’s what being defensive sounds like if ever I have heard it.

Let’s crack on with this haul champs.

Kilner Jars, £3.50, Sainsbury’s


The colours of these jars are completely up my street. I picked up these limited edition Kilners for £3.50 simply because I just couldn’t leave them (Oh god Henna listen to yourself). I have literally no idea what I am going to use them for because I already have so much storage for things like cotton wool, paint brushes, make-up brushes and markers etc. but lets just forget about that and focus on the point that they are very very nice.

Thank You Cards, £3.99, TK Maxx

Like a lot of people at the minute, I am completely in love with the tropical palm leaf print. I am massively into surprising people with little thank you notes and actually go through a lot more of them than you would think.

When I saw these in TK Maxx it pretty much seemed like a no brainer. The envelopes are printed on the inside as well which any geeky stationary lover like me will appreciate.

Glasses Chain, £1, Tiger


My glasses already look like a hand me down from my granddad (and I love it) so why not go the whole hog eh?

I’m constantly misplacing my glasses so this purchase seemed like a no brainer. I loved the look of the gold simple chain and anything that helps me channel granny chic is completely my jam. At £1 it seemed like a pretty nifty solution.

Exercise Diary, £2, Tiger

I’m going to be honest with you, the likelihood of me filling this diary to the very end seems pretty non existent but let’s be positive/deluded and hold onto that tiny bit of hope that I will get my fitness levels back up to scratch.

This diary from Tiger gives you space  to monitor not only your exercises but also how many hours sleep you have managed to catch that night, how many coffees you’ve consumed and how many laughs you’ve  had each day. Which I thought was a really nice touch.

Coffee Scrub, £15, Boots


I keep seeing these scrubs all over social media and seeing as though I am a scrub enthusiast (if that’s a thing) I really wanted to give them a try. Every time I’m in Boots I contemplate making the purchase but always end up leaving it. Yesterday though I finally decided to take the plunge. I am yet to use it but I’ll let you know if they’re any good for anyone interested.

Knitted Turban Beanie, £4, Sainsbury’s


I first noticed these turban style beanies whilst scrolling through Pinterest and really loved the look them. There are a couple of examples for anyone interested here and here.

Not only is this one a really lovely chunky knit, it is also a gorgeous post box red. At £4 I didn’t really want  to leave it because I don’t come across them often. When did supermarket clothing and accessories get so good?

So that’s that then. I’m sure I will look back on this in a few months time and realise how much shit I have accumulated but until then, I hope you all have a lovely week you beautiful bunch. Don’t let Monday defeat you!

H x

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