Sheffield Walkabout: A little look around my home town.

“You’ll not get any quotes from me pal. I’ll tell you that for nowt.” – Bloke in a Northern pub, Yorkshire Wisdom

I have only been back down South for one day now. Meaning that I will probably be living off a proper builder’s tea for the next week and people will think that I have just rudely called them a “C” word every time I say the word “couldn’t”. Just until I ease myself back into everyday life, mind.

Ever since I captured the first photograph for this post over the weekend, I have been so excited to share it with you. Mostly because it is a city that I am incredibly proud to come from.

For me, Sheffield naturally holds a lot of memories and not necessarily ones that are all good, but I honestly challenge anyone to visit a place that is bursting at the seems with such creativity and not in some way be inspired.

I suppose the thing about Sheffield is that on the surface and to some, it may look as though it doesn’t really amount to much. However, anyone willing to dig a little deeper will not only discover a city that doesn’t get enough credit, but also be rewarded with the little unexpected gems that Sheffield has to offer.

We all know that musically it has produced some of the most talented artists around. Pulp, Richard Hawley, The Human League, Arctic Monkeys, and Reverend & The Makers, just to name a few. Kids, get on it if you haven’t already.

The art scene as whole however, is just pure class. If you’re ever passing by and have the time, you have to  check it out. Whether you’re into music, vintage finds, street art or theatre, you are most likely going to find something that you absolutely adore.

Having said all this, my favourite thing about the city is the people. The unsung heroes that make Sheffield exactly what it is. Despite living in some areas of the city that are really run down, they make the most out of life and remind me that having a down to earth sense of humour and a positive attitude can get you a really long way.

The steel city was voted the happiest place to live in the UK and anyone who pays a visit, is bound to find out why.


“A nice pub for nice people”


Bird’s Yard


Brag Vintage


“As a shy kid growing in Sheffield, I fantasised about how it would be great to be famous so I wouldn’t actually have to talk to people and feel awkward. And of course, as we know from fairy stories, when you achieve that ambition, you realise that you don’t want it.” – Jarvis Cocker



Peace Gardens


“The North, where “alright” is a greeting, question and answer.” – @thenorthprobs

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a positive week!

H x

5 thoughts on “Sheffield Walkabout: A little look around my home town.

  1. What a lovely post! I moved to Sheffield from London 11 years ago and there’s barely a day goes by when I don’t reflect on how lucky I am to live here. I’m a novelist, and its a fantastic place to be a writer – so full of creative energy and wonderful people.

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