4 Outfit Ideas to Take You From Winter to Spring.


Every year I know it’s coming and every year I still manage to face the same dilemma. You know what I mean, that time between Winter and Spring when it starts to become a little too warm to wear your big woolly coat but the one time you don’t, it’s absolutely freezing.

I feel as though this is a common problem at that time of year when it is trickier to feel your best in the style department.

As you’ll probably gather from the outfits I have created, my style is very laid back and mostly minimal so if that’s something you’re into, you should definitely stick around!

My style as I have gotten older has almost always remained relatively minimal for many reasons. I have to say though, one of the main things that I think is great about simple style is that it is so attainable no matter what your budget. I mean, I am definitely a believer in avoiding fast fashion and aim to spend a little bit more in a bid to attain a higher quality, but I still choose items that suit my budget.

The four looks that I have created below are available to purchase through my Polyvore but at the same time, you can definitely find some amazing dupes.

Look 1

Look 1
You are probably going to understand through this post alone how much I love comfort, simplicity but mostly, trainers. I can’t get enough of em’ mate.
I am massively into lightweight layering and this outfit feels like a really good foundation for that.

Look 2

Look 2

Two words. Orange trousers. Plus, they have an elasticated waistband (woop)
Oversized tops are also a massive staple for me and I loved this black ribbed one from Acne.

Look 3

Look 3
This has to be my ultimate “working from the library” outfit. Again, with the oversized fit but also, pink trainers. I ain’t saying no.

Look 4

Look 4
I am seriously thinking about putting together a “Kanken appreciation” post. If you are looking for a bag that is lightweight, roomy and will last you a lifetime, you should seriously consider investing.
Not only am I massively into orange at the moment, I seem to always be reaching for a pair of trousers over any other option.
Let me know what your spring staples are guys!
Hope you’re all having a decent week so far!
H x

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