A Photo Diary: 28/02/17

I’ve been feeling ridiculously uninspired recently for no apparent reason (as is usually the case) and I think it’s because my mind has mainly been focused on other things, like the move. I really desperately want to become more consistent with my blog though so I’m finding it pretty frustrating when I have days that are absolute write offs.

Not only am I massively lacking in inspo, I also realised that I’m in the beginning stages of getting a double chin and its making me sad. Instead of doing what any normal person would do and go for a run, I went to a museum in a bid to kill two birds with one stone.

My camera is being a turd bag so I had to use my bloody IPhone didn’t I? *Rolls eyes emoji* I’m kidding.  That’s “first world problems” put into one sentence if ever I’ve heard it.

Anyway, despite my mini glitch, the pictures turned out pretty good! They really do capture Oxford at its best (if I do say so myself)

If you really explore Oxford and go off the beaten track, so to speak, it really is as magical as you’d imagine.

P.S. Keep an eye out for the Beauty and the Beast inspired street art. It was so teeny but it made my heart melt the moment I saw it. So cute.


And I was back in time to start working on that double chin. What more could a girl want eh?

How’s your Tuesday going folks? This week feels like an absolute drag. Sorry for pointing that out. Have a good one.

H x

2 thoughts on “A Photo Diary: 28/02/17

  1. Double chin??? Try a quadruple chin babe – lol. I love Oxford through my love for “Morse” and wish to explore it in my retirement (although it is taking far too long for this to happen!!). I love reading your blog, not just because it is so well written, but because you are part of my extended family through association. Keep it up Henna xx

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    1. Kath! You and Nat need to come and stay with us and I can show you around! Eff the double chin just pass me the Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Thank you for your kind words and for also taking the time out to read. I love you and can’t wait to see you next ❤️


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