33 Random Acts of Kindness.


It’s the first day of March! I’m so happy I could hug a daffodil. Keeping with the fact that today just feels all-round jolly, I couldn’t think of a better day to upload this post.

I have briefly mentioned that I was moving place (I say briefly but I haven’t shut up about it ever since I first started packing) and in the process I discovered a list of “Random Acts of Kindness” that I had curated in a bid to use my force to make the world that teeny bit more of a better place. We’re casting right back to my early twenties here.

When I finished university, I reluctantly found myself living back at home in a town that I wasn’t particularly fond of at the time. I struggled to find work because who knew, no one really gave a shit about my Drama and Performance degree (Apparently “jazz hands” wasn’t good enough to be in the “Skills” section of my CV)

Anyway, I landed a job as an Assistant Manager in a charity shop down one of the side streets in the town centre. I loved it because I was provided with an opportunity to put my creativity to good use on a daily basis and get paid for it. Something that I always felt incredibly lucky for. I placed a little jar by the till with all of the “Random Acts of Kindness” in and encouraged people to take as many as they wanted.

Stumbling across the list again reminded me of a time when I would get a buzz out of actively making positive changes to the people around me. I sat in my room reading them all and wondered why I had ever stopped. That’s when I decided that I wanted to type them all up into this article and leave them here for anyone wanting to make a small but positive difference.

I cant take credit for all of the acts on this list as I did gather my favourites as well as adding a few of my own. I think these little gestures are needed in these times more than ever. Let’s all do our bit.

SIDE NOTE: My closing sentence was originally going to be “Let’s make the world a better place, one act at a time.” but then I deleted it because It made me sound as if I was running for town mayor.

  1. Offer to take a picture for tourists
  2. Compliment a stranger
  3. Make someone a mixtape
  4. Buy a suspended coffee
  5. Share your talent
  6. Hide notes in library books for someone else to find
  7. Make a “thinking of you” phone call
  8. Share your umbrella with someone who didn’t bring one
  9. Leave extra money in the parking metre
  10. Help your friend hunt for a job
  11. Leave your newspaper for someone else to read
  12. Let go of old grudges
  13. Offer your seat on public transport so that a family or couple can sit together
  14. Buy food for a homeless person
  15. Recommend your favourite restaurant to a tourist
  16. Let someone have the better parking spot
  17. Give a generous tip to your waiter
  18. Let someone go in front of you at the cashier
  19. Praise the work of others
  20. Be proud of your accomplishments
  21. Write someone a thank you letter
  22. Return a lost item to its owner
  23. Tell someone you’ve fought with that you’re sorry and you forgive them.
  24. Let your friend vent and listen to their problems
  25. Leave someone a complimentary note
  26. Get your postman a present (They really don’t get enough credit)
  27. Smile at a stranger
  28. Hug someone you love like you mean it
  29. Visit an old peoples home
  30. Forgive yourself for any mistakes made
  31. Help someone carry their shopping to the car
  32. Be kind to someone you dislike
  33. Volunteer at a soup kitchen


If you have any more suggestions I’d love to know.

Happy 1st of March!

H x

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