3 Interior Styles That I Can’t Imagine Ever Getting Bored of.


I have been mega into interiors ever since my late teens. I feel as though during that time, I really developed and refined my personal style and just became addicted to the way my  space played a big part in altering my mood.

After a stressful day I would come home to an airy and relatively minimal space with ambient lighting that well and truly gave me the ability to leave my shit at the door.

I am not completely oblivious to the fact that as I get older, my personal style may alter or change slightly but there are a few home related things that I can’t imagine ever getting sick of.

Plants, Plants, Plants.

Plants, Plants, Plants.

Plants, Plants, Plants. by henna-writes

Plants, plants and more plants. Anywhere, anytime, any room. I think I may be developing a bit of a problem. Im not even particularly good at keeping them alive but I want to become perfect at it, damn it.

Not only do they bring beauty and life to any room, they are proven to work wonders on your well being. I know that succulents in particular are everywhere at the minute but they are just a great low maintenance and adorable plant. Y0u can’t go wrong really.

Clean and Simple.

Simple and Calm.

Simple and Calm. by henna-writes

I’m definitely a firm believer that a clear space helps towards a clear mind. I have been reading up on the benefits of having a Himalayan salt lamp in your space and if what I have read is true, I need to get one immediately.

As well as that, I really love clean and simple lines. Whether that is with my clothing or my living space. They just have this way of making me feel really calm. Also, candles. Lots of candles. But that’s pretty much a no brainer isn’t it?

Personal Quirks.

Personal Quirks

Personal Quirks by henna-writes

I’m such a sentimental person so even if my tastes change, pieces in my home will often remind me of a particular memory. Those little things that somehow manage to transport you back to a certain happy time are really important and I don’t think that they ever go out of style.

Not only that, I love spaces that have bags of character. I feel like your personal space is a great way to inject personality into your life as well as allowing you to showcase all of your creativity, and that’s something that will always be timeless.

What interior styles do you think you’ll always be into?

H x

6 thoughts on “3 Interior Styles That I Can’t Imagine Ever Getting Bored of.

  1. I love that plants are such a timeless area of decor. I never get tired of seeing plants in people’s spaces. Lately I’ve been loving the cozy, hygge trend. I think it meshes so well with clean and minimal aesthetics.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree. I have seen the Hygge stuff everywhere at the moment! Yet to have a look though. I think that I ignorantly just brushed it off as being a fad but I’m starting to feel intrigued! Thank you so much for reading Alicia 🙂


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