Ways To Style Gingham.


I can’t believe it folks. I actually like a print. I mean, we’re not talking Graham Norton suit territory here but nevertheless!

You know when you see something and you can just picture yourself wearing it? that is exactly how I felt when I first stumbled across a gingham smock whilst browsing through Asos.

Since that moment, gingham has just been standing out to me If I am ever out shopping and on one particular trip to Bath, this dress caught my eye in Primark so I snapped it up straight away.

Although I usually try to purchase pieces that I can’t imagine getting bored of, I think that the gingham print is quite timeless.

I can see myself wearing this for quite sometime so at £14 it felt like an absolute steal.

Also, Flo (AKA my co-worker), decided that she wanted to give me a helping hand whilst I was taking pictures so she’ll be happy that she’s featured.




IMG_8554 - Copy





For me personally, I knew exactly how I would style this print straight off of the bat so I thought that I would share four examples of how to wear gingham this spring.

Ways To Style Gingham - The Midi

by henna-writes

Midi skirt, Backpack, White Trainers, Plain Crew Neck.

Ways To Style Gingham - The Trench

by henna-writes

Trench Coat, Bucket Bag, White Trainers, Black Skinnies, White or Black Tee (Doesn’t really matter)

Ways To Style Gingham - The Cropped Trousers

by henna-writes

Trousers, Long Sleeved Tee, Grey Scarf, Pink Trainers.

Ways To Style Gingham - The Oversized Shirt

 by henna-writes

Oversized Shirt, Gazelle’s, Pink Trousers.


What are your spring style favourites?

H x


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