Let’s Talk: Body Confidence.


“This life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth.” – Marilyn Monroe

The first draft for this post just didn’t feel right. Although it would have read quite nicely on the back of a pamphlet to do with positive thinking or even read out by Troy McClure, I just felt slightly disconnected from it.

So here’s take 2.

Grab a cup of tea people because I’ll be talking about me getting a bit tubbier.

I am going to be honest and this is something that I find quite difficult to admit to myself never mind say out loud. I have been comfort eating to a point that doesn’t sit well with me for what feels like quite a long time now. For me personally, someone who used to run for an hour and a half, four times a week, is a difficult thing to accept.

Not only had I stopped running, I started to be really down and frankly unkind to myself about my developing habit. Until one particular day that is. I just thought to myself “Isn’t it strange how as human beings some of us find it so difficult to just be kind to ourselves?”

That’s when I realised. Nothing is worth sacrificing happiness for and any situation you are in will eventually develop into something new. Nothing is permanent. It was that simple.

I’d be telling a lie if I said that this was the only reason for my sudden realisation.

I went to my yoga class last Saturday. I managed to perfect a pretty impressive move so got my mum to take a picture of me in said position and send it to my sister. When I saw the picture I noticed gravity being a bit unkind towards my tummy, right? I’m blaming gravity and not the hot cross buns that I have been drowning in for the past week.

Anyway, the point I’m making is, I had a two choices. I could have sat and cried about the fact that I looked like jabba the hut, or I could love myself regardless and know that I am doing what I can to become a more healthier happier version of me and on the days when I’m not, it just is what it is. And it most certainly isn’t the end of the world. Self-sabotage of any kind will not lead us to anywhere worth going my friends.

I’m back in the gym and going to yoga so what more can I ask of myself? This goes to everyone. Whether you’re “big”, “small”, a hexagon, an egg, an owl, a slug (too many?) Just embrace it man.

Whilst pondering these thoughts I naturally messaged super human, funny machine and just all round lovely person, Vicky.

I feel very very lucky to have had Vicky in my life for many years now. She’s one of the most non-judgemental, actually, she’s the least judgemental person I know. If I told her that I was going to be camping out at a lake for 6 months to learn how to be a frog, she would support me. She’d take the piss, but she would support me.

I asked her what she would say to anyone struggling with body confidence. This was her response:

“Hey you. Well I’d probably say welcome to the club! I literally don’t know anybody that doesn’t have some sort of issue with their body. On the outside people can look confident/self-assured and we wish we could be like them. Then they go home, look in the mirror and have a cry like the rest of us!

The problem is that we are too busy wishing we looked like someone else whilst they are wishing they looked like you.

Another problem is you never believe it when someone compliments you. This is not to brag but people have said I have a lovely smile, or I’m pretty, or they wish they could be skinny like me and yet I see a cheesy horse face grin on an acne scarred face on top of a lumpy cellulite filled body.

I think the point is we are never satisfied with the way we look because we don’t love ourselves enough. Yet partners, family, friends and even strangers want what you have. We can’t see past our flaws which we scrutinise to death until we see things that aren’t even there and convince ourselves that we are ugly.

Nobody is ugly and nobody is perfect. We should try to focus on what we do love about ourselves because there are plenty of other people who love what you look like more than you do and that can’t be right can it?”

Nobody is ugly and nobody is perfect. I love that. Mainly because it’s true. So as my yoga teacher says just “Accept who you are today. At this moment. Embrace the fact that there has never been, isn’t, and will never be anyone on this planet exactly like you.”

P.S. Vic, you are not a horse grin on an acne scarred face on top of a lumpy cellulite filled body. You tool bag. I love you.

Make sure you’re all looking after yourselves guys. A new week makes for the perfect new start.

H x


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