New In: A Haul.


I’m split straight down the middle when it comes to hauls. I hate the side of them that makes me feel as though I am showing off but on the other hand, I sometimes really enjoy reading/watching them. Especially if I’m stressed. It’s as though the trivial nature of a haul provides me with some sort of escapism. When my OCD was at its worst point, I’d watch them all of the time. That’s why I sometimes upload the odd haul because I do understand on some level why people like watching/reading them. Does that sound silly? I don’t know.

Anyway, I had picked up some real bargainous treats over the past few weeks and thought that I’d show them to you guys. So without further ado.



Mindful Candle, £3, TK Maxx

I picked this candle up in the sale at TK Maxx. If you haven’t heard of Alchemy Studio before, they are a great Australian brand that specialise in creating luxury products to nourish the soul.

They do an array of different products including aromatherapy roller balls and bath salts. Definitely worth checking out. I think the candles are £5.99 full price in TK Maxx and for a good soy candle, I think that’s pretty good.


Books, 50p Each, Katherine House Hospice Charity Shop

50p each! this is why charity shops are so awesome. Both Paris and Amsterdam are places that my sister and I want to visit this year and these books show you how to get the best of cities by exploring off the beaten track.

Siobhan Wall is an incredibly talented lady. Check out her work.



Body Illuminator, £4.49, Superdrug

Here’s the thing, I am obsessed with glowing dewy skin at the minute so I watched a few Youtube tutorials. I stumbled across Tanya Burr’s video discussing the face illuminator in her make-up range and that is what I initially went out to pick up.

When I got into store I found out that they didn’t have any left in stock but I did find the body Illuminator. After umming and ahhing for god knows how long I decided to buy it and I am so so so glad that I did.

This product is so creamy and gives you the perfect golden glow that lasts for a good while. So far, I adore it.


Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, £2, Tiger

There isn’t really much that I can say about this product apart from the fact that it is super nourishing and really light so that makes it absolutely perfect for spring.

At £2 I thought it was such a bargain that I picked it up in the lavender scent as well. God knows where I have put it though.


Mug, £2, Tiger

I know that I sound like a massive twat but I’ve got this thing for mugs. I remember seeing a similar style to this one in Urban Outfitters but I just couldn’t warrant spending the amount that they were charging at the time.

That was a long while ago. However, I was browsing through Tiger the other day when found this one and I have to say, It’s perfect. This style is completely up my street and at £2 it was a steal.


Leather Bag, £25, Spitalfields Market

My phone kept ringing the other day and It was my sister. When I answered she said “Henna, I’m in Spitalfields Market and have seen these bags that you would absolutely love. What colour do you want?”

Naturally, I said black and I fell in love with it the moment she brought it home. I haven’t ever had a bag with a chain strap before. It just isn’t something that I am drawn to but I really love the chain on this.

It is the most beautifully made bag and I can see it going with so many outfits.



Bubble Bath, £3, Mad Beauty

This was another gift from my sister. I know, she’s such a kind person and if she’s reading this I hope she knows how much it means to me that she thinks about me so much.

It is the bottle of this little bubble bath that I love the most. The scent is ginger pear and in true Alice in Wonderland style, it has a cute little tag around the neck of the bottle that says “Pamper Me”.


Lamp, £14.99, The Range

I am getting a bit annoyed with copper at the minute. It is just so “bloggery” and is everywhere you look. However, I really needed a lamp and this was the only one that I remotely liked.

Having said that, now that I have brought it home and styled it, I like it a hell of a lot more. It seems to work well with so much so even though I was slightly reluctant to buy it, it’s ended up looking great.


I hope that you liked seeing this kind of post today guys. The older I get, the more shopping feels like a chore but I do like to put up the odd haul.

Thanks for reading

H x

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