My Blogging Outlook.


A photo of me taken outside some random person’s garage. P.s that’s sand of my shoes not shite. I swear.

It’s not unusual for me to take time away from blogging but this time, It was because I ended up watching The Graham Norton Show in A&E whilst swaying like some sort of fucked up seaweed. I was pissed off because I’d rather have been sat watching it at home with my cat and a cheeky Yum Yum.

Long story short, I am on the road to recovery and taking a step back has given me time to remind myself of my blogging ethos.


Post what you want when you want. In my opinion, posting once a week is better than putting up any old shit just because you told yourself that you would post daily. Relax yourself boi.


It’s really lovely to gain new followers in the sense that it means people are reading your work and enjoying it. Having said that, I try not to sweat it too much. Focus on doing your thing and create awesome content for those that are already following you. Forget the rest.

In many ways, I’d much rather be the little jazz band that play in your local than an artist who plays massive stadiums.

Also, I have noticed that especially on Instagram, there seems to be this mental culture where you follow someone just to get a follow back. WTF ennit? why does “ain’t nobody got time for that” spring to mind?

Expressing Your Individuality

I think that it can be quite easy to get caught up in being someone you’re not to try and impress people but you should in no way be ashamed of your real passions. I’ve learnt not to give a shit. For example, I want to talk openly about the fact that I was listening to “If You Ever” by Gabrielle feat. East 17. What’s anyone gonna do?

I’m really conscious of turning into one of those people that says “my yoga teacher says” but, as my yoga teacher says “Just be yourself. No one is going to tap you on the shoulder and tell you that you’re doing it wrong.” and if they do, nip them really hard. Jokes.

Having The Confidence To Be Yourself Online

Come to think of it, this ties into the last point as well.

Becoming more confident with my blog has been a long journey but a massive learning curve. It didn’t come all at once, I mean, this is the gal that wrote an article entitled “Blogging When You Don’t Like The Look of Your Own Face”.

I used be nervous about what I looked like, I was even uncomfortable about my skin colour at one point. However, I am learning that none of it matters. Really. I’m at my happiest when I live my life exactly how I want, regardless of it anyone understands it.

Well, there you are my friends. Hope you enjoyed reading today’s post. I’m back in business and feeling supper chuffed about it.

Have a beaut day, save the bees and be kind to each other.

H x


2 thoughts on “My Blogging Outlook.

  1. Couldn’t agree more with some of these points… I think we spend a lot of our lives being other people, but as we get older we really find ourselves and embrace that. Different folks seem to find this it at different ages, but in the end its always best to be unique and individual! Great post 🙂 Hope the road to recovery isn’t long!

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