4 Outfits For Those “In Between Weather” Days.

Whether it is pouring down with rain but still warm or sunny but freezing, the weather in Oxfordshire is impossible to predict at the minute.

So, it got me thinking about how it would make quite a nice post to put together some outfits for those “in between weather days”.

Even on the days where its cold and rainy, I am itching to put away my thick jumpers and pull out my spring pieces. These outfits will hopefully give you the best of both ❤


Look 1

I think that when it comes to this type of weather, lighter jackets should be a go to. They work really well layered with other items for chillier days but are just as handy for the times when it’s that little bit warmer. Perfect for if you’re living in the UK and don’t know whether you’re coming or going!


Look 2

When in doubt, chuck a scarf on. Also, I wanted to talk about crew neck cardigans (yay!)When I was in my teens, I was well into wearing them all of the time and then I kind of fell out of love with them. Now I really want to get one for my wardrobe. I just love the idea of wearing one over a plain white t-shirt with some tapered trousers and a good ol’ pair of kicks.

#3Look 3.jpg

What I love about a lot of the items in these looks is you can wear them all year round. I’m a massive lover of slim leg trousers with trainers and anything oversized so this outfit feels like a no brainer for me.


Look 4

If had had to list my favourite timeless essentials, a oversized navy sweater would without a doubt feature. The one I’ve shown here is more of a relaxed style but nevertheless, it is perfect for those days when you have no idea what is going on with the weather. You can’t go wrong with a good fitting pair of jeans either.

Thanks for reading today’s post guys! the feedback I’ve had recently on the blog has been really inspiring. Thank you always.

H x

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