5 Days of Things That I’m Loving: #2 Planters






I have to mention my current love for cute and quirky planters.

Recently, I have really been trying to put in that extra bit of effort to care for my plants because usually, they seem to just look at me and die.

The best thing I have done in the past few weeks is begin to make a note in my diary of when my plants need to be watered. Just so that there is less of a risk of me over/under watering them.

In terms of planters themselves, I seem to be wracking up quite the collection. The best ones I have found happen to be on Etsy but you may be very likely to stumble across some little gems in your local supermarket.

As much as I tend to go for the simple option, I love anything that provides my space with a little bit of personality and quirky planters do just that.

I also wanted to mention a book that has been by my side constantly since I started getting back into caring for plants. I received this book as a present a few years back now from my awesome friend Simone entitled “Me and My Plant”. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to take more of an interest in plants and how to care for them properly.

I’ve popped a few planters that I am absolutely loving down below. Links can be found on my polyvore, here.

Cute and Quirky Planters

Cute and Quirky Planters

Thanks for checking out today’s post guys! Have a good one ❤

H x

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