5 Days of Things That I’m Loving: #3 Music


Just call me the music man. Jokes. I’m so behind the times when it comes to music but I’m going to talk as if these artists are straight off the press.

Firstly, Marian Hill. They are just beaut and I cannot stop raving about them. They’re a duo from Philly and if you do one thing today, you have to listen to “Down” and “One Time” because they are absolute tunes. I’m not sure how late I am to the party when it comes to Marian Hill but either way I am just grateful to have discovered their music because I am obsessed. Better late than never, eh? If you’re into electronic and synthpop stuff then they may just be right up your street.

Another track that I am loving is by none other than Beyoncé. I’m not really a Beyoncé fan to be honest but I heard “Freedom” on the Apple Watch advert and couldn’t stop listening to it a good while after that so definitely check it out.

Last but not least, Becky Hill. I cannot stop playing her stuff. I mostly knew about Becky Hill through the times when she has featured on other tracks but her solo stuff does not disappoint. “Warm“, “Rude Love” and “Losing” are all my current favourites. Lovers of electro and house music will really like her. It’s pretty hard not to.

Thank you for reading folks!

H x

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