Current Interior Inspiration.

I’m currently in the process of trying to make my room a bit more “me”. I mean, I moved in a few months ago now but It takes me a bit of time to rearrange my things in various ways to work out what really feels right.

This morning I’d had enough of feeling uninspired so decided to make a few mood boards of things that I’m currently loving.

Homeware Inspo 1

I much prefer brass and gold at the minute. I just feel like it suits my style a bit better. I own a few copper bits but to me, too much copper is a bit “yawn”.

I loved this mug from Not On The High Street too. It reminds me of the teacups designed by David Shrigley for Sketch London. Anything that features a hidden quirk or bit of personality gets my vote.

There’s a reason that I’ve featured clipboards as well. I much prefer using them to hang up prints rather than your standard frame because I feel that they just add a bit of character to a room. I definitely want to pick up some more prints to add to my existing collection.

Homeware Inspo 2

I need this rug because it features two of my favourite things. Stripes and cats. Yes please. When am I ever not inspired by something with a cat on?

I’m also feeling inspired by the comfort of being indoors on rainy days. That idea of having a cup of tea between your hands when its pouring it down with rain outside. There’s a certain romance to it.

Homeware Inspo 3

In keeping with the whole “cosy and comforting” theme, candles are an obvious go to. Another thing that I really like having in my space are coffee table books. I definitely want to find some new ones because they are a great way to get bursts of inspiration.

Let me know what you’re loving at the moment guys! I’d love to get some more ideas.

H x

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