The Scottish Fine Soaps Company: My New Love.


One of the things that I have always slacked on massively is moisturising my body when I get out of the bath or shower. It’s just never something that I have on my radar.

As I’m getting older however, I am beginning to think more about the importance of looking after my skin as a whole. After all, If I put so much effort into ensuring that the skin on my face and neck is in the best condition, don’t I owe it to the rest of my body too?

I love shopping for skincare so finding the right moisturiser for me was a task that I was more than willing to take on. As it turns out, I didn’t have to look very far. My sister has always raved about The Scottish Fine Soaps Company’s “Au Lait” range so I decided to borrow some of hers to test it out. I now think that I’m in love.

I hate to admit it but I’m such a sucker for perfect packaging and everything in the “Au Lait” range is so beautifully designed and put together. “Au Lait” simply means “with milk” and everything about the products really reflect that.






The range offers everything from soaps to hand washes but I need to talk to you about the three stand out products for me.

Let’s start with the body scrub. I own a few scrubs that are quite heavy and most definitely do the job but this one is the complete opposite of heavy and I adore it. It is much kinder to your skin as it contains small exfoliating particles that buff away dry skin. It smells so lovely as well.

Secondly, the body butter. I can’t remember the last time I came across a body butter that felt so indulgent to use. I think that’s largely down to the scent of these products. It’s quite hard to describe the scent itself but it makes me feel so comforted. Baths are my ultimate place too de-stress and when I get out, I feel so cosy and relaxed. The scent of this range really accompanies that. They are some of the nicest smelling products that I have ever come across (very bold claim, I know).

Lastly, the body milk is my ultimate favourite. The idea of this milk is that you massage a small amount into your skin until it is thoroughly absorbed and boy, does my skin absorb it. As to be expected, the scent is incredibly comforting and the product itself feels really luxurious to use. It has really gotten me into moisturising my body more frequently and I would definitely recommend trying out this product in particular. I think I have found a firm new favourite.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company as a brand are against animal testing and their products are paraben free, which I also was really impressed to hear. They are certainly worth checking out if you’re looking for a new range to fall in love with ❤

As usual, thank you so much for reading and all of the lovely comments I’ve had recently. Let me know if you do try out anything from the “Au Lait” range! I’d love to hear from you.

H x

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