5 Days of Things That I’m Loving: #4 Mules




If you’re not really a sandal wearer then mules are definitely the way forward. As much as I’m mostly in trainers, a part of me does feel as though I miss out slightly in Spring/Summer because I am yet to find a style of sandal that I actually like.

Mules just happen to be the perfect hybrid. Obviously, the Gucci Princetown slippers have been all over the shop recently making this style of shoe widely available across a variety of price points.

I picked mine up from Ego and am so excited to wack them out now that warmer months are upon us.

I also came across the bow pair in none other than Primark. At £8 I was really impressed with the quality so picked up the navy pair. They were also available in blush pink and I really regret not picking them up because they are really comfortable.

I created a little mood board of a few other mule styles for anyone wanting a little bit of inspo! As usual, links are available on my Polyvore 🙂

Pretty, Pretty Mules

Thanks for checking out day 4 of “5 Days of Things I’m Loving”.

I’ll see you tomorrow with the 5th and final instalment!

H x


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