Lets Talk: Making Our Digital Footprint A Positive One.


So, I woke up this morning to the news that Instagram has been rated the worst social media site for mental health. Which is a shame really because to be honest, it doesn’t shock me.

Let’s get the main bulk of the news out of the way. The Royal Society for Public Health has warned us that Instagram as a platform puts its users at risk of suffering from body image issues, loneliness, depression, bullying and fear of missing out and you know what? I completely get it.

It can be quite easy to get caught up in all of the negative stuff and feel inadequate but as I have gotten older I have come to realise that the beauty of social media is that we’re the ones in control. It can be whatever we, as its users, want it to be. We’re in a position where we have the ability to make things positive and positivity breeds positivity.

I suffer from anxiety and OCD (god knows I bang on about it enough) so I can really understand the ways that a person can be affected by not feeling good enough. Having said that, I feel that the way to bring change is to oppose the negative. I certainly want to put more effort into making my little space on the internet a positive one. A space where yes, we can talk about style and skincare but also address much much more. In order to change the negativity, be confident, be positive and everything else will fall into place.

It’s about not letting your self-confidence be tainted or defined by what other people think, or how many followers you have compared to others, or even the things that you own. I read a quote that said “we get attached to temporary things and then wonder why our happiness never lasts” and when you really think about it, that’s what confidence is. Happiness. Us being happy with who we are, where we are, and what we have.

No two people are the same but isn’t that what makes us awesome? Be open to a wider spectrum of beauty yourself and then that way, you will be able to hold your position in the world with confidence as well as appreciate those who stand alongside you. Let’s do what we can to make our own digital footprint a positive one.

Thanks for reading.

H x

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