A Little Something That I Wanted To Share.

I don’t know what we’ve done to piss the weather off in England guys but It must have been bad. I was out at half six this morning and saw this guy having an absolute mare with his umbrella. I drove past and he was holding a pole with loads of bent metal bits sticking out of it. Frig knows where the fabric was. Maybe he thought that’s how you use umbrellas, I dunno. Cool story bro.

Anyway, I wanted to share something with you that I came across whilst on Tumblr recently.

There’s a lot that I love about Tumblr. It’s inspiring, so funny but most of all, I love the way it has this ability to make you feel as though you’re not on your own. There’s nothing more comforting than when you see a text post that says “has anyone done that thing where” and your shoulders drop and you go “Yea me! I do that!”

I spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to be happy. What does it mean as a whole? what does it mean to me personally? and I came across something written by the wonderful Caroline Ingle that really resonated with me.

“A while ago I realized, you can, and should do things to make yourself happy. There are no guarantees; there are many, many things that you simply cannot control. But it is your responsibility to put in effort. So, I tried. I began to wear rather nice and elegant outfits to rather dull places, like school or on a walk around the neighbourhood, to make it feel like I was doing something nice and elegant. I would take photographs of the most boring objects and places, using lighting and angles to manipulate them into something as beautiful as I envisioned in my head. I looked in the mirror, and instead of picking at the flaws that screamed at me, I would search for the things that made me happy about who I was. It was occasionally like searching for a four leaf clover, but working for it was what helped. No, it didn’t always work. Yet the fact that I was trying made me feel as if when I was angry, or sad, or overwhelmed, it was ok because I was capable of happiness and I was working to be happy. You cannot go through life saying your situation is void of silver linings, not if you refuse to look for them.” – Caroline Ingle

I remember the moment that I had finished reading this. It had such a profound effect on me because I found myself in that exact stage.

Happiness is a work in progress but similarly to what Caroline talks about here, if we simply just put in the effort to be happy, that in itself has the power to completely transform our state of happiness. Which in turn, will completely transform all aspects of our lives.

I know sometimes we find ourselves in positions where things are “easier said than done” but all anyone can do is make an attempt. For me, stumbling across quotes like these are something that I find really comforting. And I hope anyone in a similar position may come across this and feel the same way.

As always, thank you so much for reading. It means a hell of a lot. You can find Caroline Ingle’s Tumblr here. She talks a lot of sense.


H x

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