Room of Requirement.

“The Room of Requirement, also known as the come and go room, is a room at Hogwarts that a person can only enter when they have real need of it. When it appears, it is always equipped for the seekers needs” – Pottermore



Sapnin’ geezers? I’ve been saying that I would do a post on my room for god knows how long now so I have decided to stop being a lazy fook and get snapping.

Spending many an hour scrolling through the interior tag on Pinterest is common for me but a lot of the pins feel a bit “Show roomy”.

I reckon it’s quite refreshing to see a space exactly as it is and that’s what I want to show you in today’s post.

So, here we go. It’s not much but it’s my little room of requirement.


The three pictures above my bed are actually postcards that my sister picked up for me from Paris.

I adore the romance that surrounds the city of Paris and it feels really nice to have a little piece of that in my room.

P.S. I’m obsessed with cherries at the minute. I can’t stop eating them. Help me.



img_5869A lot of blood, sweat and anxiety attacks went into making this rail. I had a right friggin’ mare. The copper poles and fixtures were bought from the plumbing section in a hardware store.

The process of putting it up was quite simple but I’m just a douche and don’t know the difference between a hammer and a spoon.

Once it was finally up though, I felt supper chuffed with it. Definitely worth the agg. It wasn’t too expensive either so I’d give it a go if you like the style.

I have a massive Lion King print behind it because it’s my dad’s all time favourite film.






The room also comes with its own Flo. If you’re new around here, this is Flo. She’s my work colleague, shadow, buddy and fluff ball.

I’m in the process of trying to get her to go for walks with me (she’s a pure breed so I get nervous when she goes out on her own) so far it’s going well (not).



I’m really into prints and a lot of mine are actually cut outs from various magazines. I just think it’s a great way to have pictures that are slightly more unusual.

Oh Comely is a magazine that is full with great art so I definitely recommend having a flick through.

I prefer to be a bit more imaginative when it comes to prints because I get so bored going through all of the ones on Etsy.

When we were going through some old boxes recently I came across a floppy disc and decided to frame it. I’m very fond of that piece.

In terms of furniture, my bedside table is covered in white paint and I just can’t be arsed to clean it.

My mattress is on the floor because I just feel as though it’s a bit more easy going. D’you know what I mean?


I picked up this bag from a charity shop literally the other day and I can’t get enough of it. My sister calls it my “Dot Cotton” bag but I just love how unusual it is.



Rose hip oil, hand cream and moisturiser are my ultimate bedside essentials. You just can’t go wrong.

Sometimes I feel as though my room is a lot busier than I would like because essentially, my whole life is in this one space.

Having said that though, I’m the type of person that likes my room to look as though it is actually being lived in and I love everything that I own, so I’m not in a rush to de-clutter.


Well, there you are. I really hope that you liked it guys. Thanks so much for reading and if you’re in the UK, don’t forget to vote!

Let’s attempt to make the world a better place and all that.

H x

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