4 Ways To Style Adidas Sliders

“Whatta thoooose?!”

I’ll tell you what they are my friend. They’re sick. And not in that “I’m gonna vom in my lap” kinda way.

Once you get over that whole “dad popping out to the shops” vibe about them, I actually think they’re pretty nifty.

Let’s start at the beginning of this trivial and not very important story. I was on the hunt for a pair of sliders because it’s so hot in Oxfordshire at the minute and I wanted something convenient and easy to slip on.

Unfortunately for me, the most common ones available currently either have a big fluffy bush on them, or have been vajazzled.

I then thought back to a couple of years ago when I was seeing these Adidas ones on Pinterest but never got my hands on any. It seemed pretty natural for me to pick some that I could wack out each summer and not get bored of, so I got these.

Once I tried them on, there was no looking back. They honestly feel like walking on…..What’s soft and not as cliché as saying “cloud”?….bamboo yarn.

I know that they can be quite hard to style so I thought that I’d give 4 examples of exactly how I would wear them.


Adidas Look One

I’m usually a pretty simple dresser anyway but more so when It’s really hot. As long as I’ve got clothes on my back and a bag to put my shit in, I’m happy.

I really want to get my hands on this bag but I have accumulated so many that I just can’t warrant buying anymore until I use the ones I have (Are you proud mum?)


Adidas Look Two

Talking of bags, these jute market bags are a great alternative to those bloody Jane Birkin ones that I keep seeing everywhere.

Also, I love the look of oversized slouchy jumpers but with the heat, I just about manage to get away with the light knit ones.

There’s a little bit of a theme going on here in terms of styling these sliders. I just personally think that they look better with a bottom half option that is cropped. On me anyway.


Adidas Look Three

Stripes are a no brainer for me because not only do they go with everything, they come in so many different styles too.

I would probably tie the little neck scarf around my wrist instead of my neck when it’s hot but I do love a good neck tie.


Adidas Look Four

Last but not least, T shirt dresses are great when you want something light, oversized and simple to wear in the hot weather. They tend to go with most types of footwear too which is handy.

I’ve featured another little market bag because If you manage to find the right one, it is something that works with so much, year after year.


I hope this helped in some way and if you’re someone looking for the perfect pair of sliders, I’d definitely check these out.

If you’re interested, you can find more outfits and interior inspo over on my Polyvore, here.

Thank you so much for reading and to the person who keeps checking out my blog from Sheffield Forum, Hi! It’s so awesome to have someone from my home town checking out my work. I hope you stick around!

Take care guys.

H x

4 thoughts on “4 Ways To Style Adidas Sliders

    1. Will it not?! Bloomin’ heck thanks for letting me know haha. Thanks so much for the kind words. Polyvore is essentially the platform that I create all of these little outfit mood boards on. It’s really good if you’re into styling and interior! Xx


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